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Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. Thailand

Achieving ones’ dream is what many people wake every morning wondering how. On 1st July 2005, I when to Kokrobite beach in Accra when I saw two young men walking along the beachfront. I went near to find out where they come from and why they are here. Before I decided to ask them the question, I was aware that they are not from Africa, but I still want to know what brought them to Ghana. Their response is something that stuck in my head until today. 

Growing up in a small city in the Central region of Ghana, I can see many adults doing what most Ghanaian man and woman does.

 Wake up in the morning and head to their place of work. My goal was to become one of those men in my community, at least a teacher, a policeman, or something else but, after high school, the idea that I can make it only in the capital city become reality to me, and I have to migrate to the capital.

Most people either travel to reunite with family abroad or visit a country that they have friends and family to take them around. I had no idea what it meant to be a traveler, not to mention a travel blogger. 

 Then came the two young men whom I met on the beach. They told me after asking about their reason to come to Accra, Ghana and also if they have a relative in Ghana, I knew at the time that should be the reason for a traveler to go somewhere. They told me we are tourist. I ask them, Tourist? and they respond, yes, tourist. I told myself I must know the meaning of this, maybe it’s a good job. The fact that is done on the beach. It sounds cool now, but at the time I was very strange to me.  

  Guarulhos International Airport, Sao Paulo. Brazil

Old city of Jerusalem, Israel

After this conversation, I use the better part of my time finding the meaning of tourist so, I asked people I knew may know something about tourism. In most cases, what people tell me was a tourist is a group of folks or individuals from western countries visiting places they find it interesting to learn the culture and to enjoy the food and music with the local people,

Between then and now, I have traveled to many countries, thanks to those two guys who find it necessary to travel to Ghana to learn about the country and its culture and since then that has been mission as well.

  Sri Ksetra, Pyu Ancient Cities of Myanmar (Burma) 

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia

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