Tour in Rio de Janeiro as Carioca (Native)

Rio de Janeiro, The Amazing City

Rio de Janeiro is one of the best cities in South America by all standards.
Many Travelers visiting Rio mostly find themselves in Lapa, Copacabana and few other places.
In fact, in Brazil, there are a lot of places where many things are happening each day and each time.
During my city tour in Rio de Janeiro City, I tried to visit a lot of places.
I use the local Metro to experience the Brazilian way of life and also to taste the culture of Brazilian people.

I started my local experience tour from shopping carioca North Zone or Zona Norte as its called in Portuguese and ended up in Avenida Uruguiana, Centro and I find myself very excited feeling like local carioca (Rio born).

I encourage you anytime you visit Rio de Janeiro to use the local transportation and also try to visit places like shopping carioca, Avenida Brasil and other places all this place has many many lovely experiences that you may have.

Rio is not so much scary as people talk about it in social media. I have personally testified as I traveled to places but mind you have to be extra careful and also make sure you are always aware of where you are going and what you are doing.
People might have a good or bad experience in Rio city but they might not tell you what happened or what they did before the experienced a bad situation so I will give you few tips here base on my personal experience.
Whenever you want to travel around the city the best way to do is to use the Metro.
Ask direction only from shop owners or sellers or better still the metro staff. When asking for direction don’t act as if you are a first-timer in Brazil.

Remember in Brazil many people don’t speak English and it’s a little bit complicated to move around but you can still have your way out, Brazilians are very good that they will go all their way out to help you if you need help from them.
Sometimes they would look for someone who speaks little bit English to help but mind you the one who claims he/she speaks English doesn’t speak good English and it is going to be tricky but you would certainly get what you are looking for or the direction you want.

My advice for this is to have some written paper in your pocket about where you want to go and what you want to do and the directions from the internet if you know and write them with you so that you just showed them and they will help you out.

What you must know is that Brazilians want to help always even if they don’t know what you are asking them, so try to double-check every direction you get from one person, double-check with one or two people to make sure is the same place that the other person would show you otherwise they will send you to a place that you would never forget because they want to help you and even if they don’t know but they will still try to help you so do double-check all information you get as much as possible.

To end my tips inside Rio de Janeiro as Carioca (Rio born) from the shopping carioca to Uruguiana, Centro. You can use these tips throughout Rio de Janeiro city and can apply also everywhere and anytime in Brazil.

Please do not walk alone during midnight on Street in Brazil unless you are sure that a lot of people on the street where you are walking and even with that do not separate yourself alone.

Is also wise to learn a little bit of Portuguese. Words like what is your name? good morning? good afternoon? good evening? please, can you show me? I want to buy this? These will help you draw the attention of the person you would like to speak to. You can use google translator to learn these. Also, try not to show off a cellphone when walking in the night.



Share your comments about your personal experience in Rio de Janeiro if you have visited before and if not try to visit and let us know your experience.

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