Trip To Israel – The Birth Place Of Jesus Christ

The Birth Place Of Jesus Christ

Aside from the North Post, the “little town of Bethlehem” is likely the most Christmas year venue in the world. The origin and the birth place of Jesus Christ is just a short time drive from absent from the Ancient City of Jerusalem inside the West Bank. Before you making the travel, there are a few basic things to know. Here’s how to visit Bethlehem amid the Christmas season.

The biblical account of the birth of Jesus. You’ll be able to learn more from the Book of Bible verses and to get the meaning of this world-changing occasion within the Book of scriptures. Nearly 2,000 a years ago a virgin lady from the town of Nazareth named Mary pass by an angel named Gabriel. Gabriel told the Jewish lady that she would have a child named Jesus which he would be the Child of God. At the time, Mary was locked into her soon-to-be spouse Joseph. When told Joseph he was harmed and befuddled since he did not accept Mary. The blessed messenger Gabriel went to Joseph and told him that Mary would be pregnant from the Ruler which she would have a child named Jesus who would spare the world from their sins.

Pilgrims visiting Bethlehem within about 100 years of Christ’s birth already believed Christ was born there.



Share your comments about your personal experience in Bethlehem and other part of Israel (The Holy Land) if you have visited before and if not try to visit and let us know your experience.

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